About Concinnity Digital

How it all started

An anecdote from our founder

Hi. I’m Taylor, Founder of Concinnity Digital.

My first venture in business was a personal training company that I started at 19. Like most businesses, it had it’s ups and downs, but the thing that stood out was the difficulty in setting up a systemized digital marketing funnel that improved client acquisition. It was costly, had a learning curve and if implemented poorly, could result in reduced revenue instead of increased revenue. I thought to myself frequently “marketing shouldn’t be this hard to implement”. 

This stuck with me. 

Years later, after a career transition into enterprise marketing, I saw an opportunity to help other business owners. 

That is why I started Concinnity Digital, because I wanted to give small business a chance at low barrier to entry digital marketing operations that conform to your business.

Concinnity Digital's Implementation Process

Marketing isn’t magic. It’s a process that requires research, testing, feedback data and strategy adjustments. Concinnity Digital offers the best value marketing services when comparing expenses to return on investment. See our methodology below.



Months 1 + 2



Months 3 + 4



Months 5 + 6



Month 7+



Our philosophy is to find qualified and hard working remote individuals, and offer them the opportunity of a great job with a US-based company, career growth, and income stability.

Where do we find them?

We find new workers online: often through our own internal employee referrals, social media, job listings, and remote employment directories. Most workers are from the philippines.


All new-hires go through training. This training teaches them about Concinnity Digital, our marketing process, their role, your business, and tools used day to day.


Employees clock into their shift via a time-tracking software that tracks projects, apps used, URL’s visited, 3 screen shots of the computer per 10 minutes, and offers automatic shift clock outs due to inactivity.

Use Cases

When would be a good time to start working with Concinnity Digital?

... if stakeholders are unhappy with current marketing performance

In 2018, there are many forms of marketing that are no longer relevant for a modern business. Maybe your strategy is outdated and it reflects in quarterly reports, or maybe stakeholders don’t feel that things are performing as good as is expected. This is a good time to begin working with Concinnity Digital

... if there is no current digital marketing

You might be running a small business, with employees playing many roles. Your business is growing, but you have no consistent digital marketing activity and aren’t sure how to get started. This is a good time to begin working with Concinnity Digital.

... if a company’s annual revenue isn’t trending upward

Your business isn’t growing and stakeholders are worried. You may be exploring new options to generate revenue for the company, or to improve the existing sales funnel. This is a good time to begin working with Concinnity Digital.