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connecting US businesses with certified remote staff from the most affordable workforce in the world

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What is

Concinnity is an end to end talent development, acquisition and implementation service provider headquartered in Nashville, TN.  Concinnity Digital works with its’ sister company, Concinnity Works, to acquire qualified talent from the online filipino freelance industry, guide them through job training via Concinnity Works, then opportunity match and job place them into a full-time position with a US client business.

Concinnity Digital focuses on providing low barrier to entry marketing services in a unique way. We are an entirely remote work force that aims to revolutionize the way startups, small businesses and enterprise companies approach talent development and retention.

our mission

our mission is to use technology to connect and bloom a professional relationship between US businesses and the most affordable workforce in the world.

this relationship can be be quite powerful, offering life changing results and immense flexibility.

our role is to support both end points, and nurture that relationship for all to win

Fully Remote Workforce

Founded in 2018

Nashville Startup

More About
Concinnity Works

Acquisition & Development

Concinnity Works is an online workforce directory, similar to Upwork or Fiverr, but instead focuses on developing and educating it’s user base for full time work placement. 

Filipino remote workers sign up for free and begin to take online specialty courses to learn valuable job skills. They are tested and eventually are able to attain certifications verifying their ability.

More About
Concinnity Digital

Implementation & Management

Concinnity Digital is a talent implementation and management company that focuses specifically on marketing. Concinnity Digital provides extremely competitive pricing, matching staff to employers 1:1. 

Staff are placed full time into a business operation but managed via Concinnity Digital. We combine the benefits of a marketing agency with the model of a staffing firm.

How it all started

An anecdote from our founder


Hi. I’m Taylor, Founder of Concinnity Digital.

My first venture in business was a personal training company that I started at 19. Like most businesses, it had it’s ups and downs, but the thing that stood out was the difficulty in setting up a systemized digital marketing funnel that improved client acquisition. It was costly, had a learning curve and if implemented poorly, could result in reduced revenue instead of increased revenue. I thought to myself frequently “marketing shouldn’t be this hard to implement”. 

This stuck with me. 

Years later, after a career transition into marketing technology, I saw an opportunity to help other business owners. 

That is why I started Concinnity Digital, because I wanted to give small business a chance at low barrier to entry digital marketing operations that conform to your business.

I like to think of us as a remote talent development and placement service. We find hard working, able minded talent in the Philippines, place them through our online training at Concinnity Works (our sister company) and then place them in US businesses to conduct a marketing service operation.

Frequently Asked Questions


Our philosophy is to find qualified and hard working remote individuals, and offer them the opportunity of a great job with a US-based company, career growth, and income stability.

Where do we find talent?

Registrants sign up at www.concinnity.works, which is marketed in the online filipino freelance community. After they achieve their certifications, we then cherry pick these workers for opportunity matching.


Courses are listed online at www.concinnity.works. We currently offer digital marketing focused courses, but are in development of non-marketing courses as we expand our curriculum.


Employees clock into their shift via a time-tracking software that tracks projects, apps used, URL’s visited, 3 screen shots of the computer per 10 minutes, and offers automatic shift clock outs due to inactivity.