game of growth

Many compare business to a game.
We all want to play to win, but each level presents its own set of challenges.

How do you show up to your game?

Lock and loaded?

Or white flag in hand?

In 2021, no team can afford to warm the bench as the game continues to change.

Here at Concinnity Digital, we’ve spent years studying the game of growth.

Through all of our learnings, we realized that the old playbook no longer breeds winners.

So when we came back to the drawing board, we wanted to invent a new playbook that could outperform the tried and true as the improved and new.

Introducing the

game of growth

a virtual gameboard and growth plan

The game of growth is a virtual game board that lays out a clear path to your growth, and allows you to have some nerdy fun along the way. As our client, we meet with you to map your journey up the game, and have recommended solutions for common growth pain points at each stage.

Why did we do this? Because growth is a grind, and we wanted to make it fun. We understand we don't have a traditional way of doing things, and we think that's what our clients love about us.

how it works

Choose your character
Browse our characters and choose one that speaks to you
Choose your service package
Shop our service options, and find a package or service that fits your needs.
Onboard with us
Schedule your handshake meeting and start your growth journey.
Get your own virtual gameboard
We create your game board, and meet with your quarterly to update your position on your board!

choose your character

time to grow

Whats your character?

The Technician

This character has dedicated their life to becoming a master of their craft, and their local reputation has preceded them. Now cast onto the story of being a business owner, the Technician must overcome the challenges outside the scope of their craft.

The Brainiac

UX Design • Developing

Mr. Monopoly

Mr. Monopoly comes from a long line of successful business professionals, showcasing what generations of focused effort can accomplish. Now, in their latest venture, this individual must overcome the challenges of modern business ownership.

Mr. Ex-Corporate

Web Desing • Prototyping

The Inventor

Animation • Branding

Get a Custom Character


Reach the next level

Partner with an agency that focuses on your growth first. 
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