how concinnity digital works

What is Concinnity?

Concinnity is a network of two organizations, Concinnity Digital (US facing) and Concinnity Works (Phillipines facing) that work together to provide an end to end business outsourcing deployment system.

concinnity works

handles the acquisition of remote workers, training them through our online classes, test and certify them for different job roles and prepare them for job placement.

concinnity digital

handles the implementation, scope planning, management and administration of staffing the remote worker.

Your Onboarding Process


Book Discovery Call

Your Business

A discovery call is the initial introduction we make with you. During this call, we learn about your business needs, business model, opportunity gaps, barriers to entry, competitive landscape, and lay a foundational implementation timeline.


Job Bid Placed

Concinnity Works

Job bid(s) is placed within Concinnity Works, seeking appropriate candidates for the scope of work outlined in the discovery call.  The top 3 candidates are chosen and sent to Concinnity Digital for interview.


Applicants Interviewed

Concinnity Digital

The top 3 candidates are interviewed and recorded. A primary selection is made and sent to your business for approval.


Approval & Offer

Your Business

Your business approves the hiring and communicates to Concinnity Digital to extend an offer. Contracts are signed and a start date is assigned to the new staff.


Training & Start

Your Business

Concinnity Works

The staff member starts their job and undergoes training via Concinnity Works online courses, developing talent in any needed areas to grow within your company. 

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