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a step by step process to ensure a delightful customer experience

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Initiating your journey

There is a form on the sign up page that will help us better understand who you are, where you are, and what you’re looking for. This form reviews;

  • marketing services of interest
  • your role in your organization
  • goals
  • schedule a discovery call
  • schedule a proposal review

Completing this form will initiate a sequence within our system that will email you a series of educational emails about us, our culture, our goals, and how we do things.

We do this because we want to make sure that our two businesses have an authentic representation of each other, and future prospective business dealings will operate amicably and to scope.

getting to know each other

Our discovery call, which was scheduled during your sign up, will review your organization in greater detail. During this team, we collect relevant information we need to conduct a thorough audit of your business. We use this audit to create a recommendation of marketing strategy, which will be displayed in your proposal (if you elected to have a proposal during your sign up).

The items covered during this call are:

  • Organization Information
  • Current Marketing Operations
  • Marketing Goals
  • Competitors
  • Budget 
  • Timeline

After your discovery call, we will send you a summary report of our conversation. This report will help you have a better look at your marketing from a birds eye view.

exploring your options

Our proposal will be our opportunity to share with you what  we recommend for your organization. This recommendation is based upon the information we acquired during our discovery call and further analysis we have done for your industry, geographic market, and competitors. 

We generally break services down into 3 categories following our 3 Phase System. 

  1. Phase 1 – Setup
  2. Phase 2 – Lead Generation
  3. Phase 3 – PR & Sophisticated Marketing

Your proposal may have options presented for just one, two, or all three phases. It entirely depends on your business’ industry, competitors, your budget, and your business’ maturity.

committing to growth

The sailing meeting is the final meeting in your onboarding journey. In this meeting you will meet with your onboarding rep, and together you will;

  • Choose your services
  • Share your assets & accounts
  • Sign the legal agreement
  • Setup your billing

After your sailing meeting, we will proceed to create:

  • Your Client Portal
  • Your Monthly Marketing Report