January 26, 2022

How Concinnity Digital's Non-Profit Work Helped Chicago Police Receive Additional Training

With the explosion of many social movements over the last decade fueled by internet technology, it’s no secret that the political divide in the US continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. With a spectrum of revamping or defunding the police, Concinnity Digital saw a means through which to help the community of Chicago, and its Police Department through a unique Non-Profit fundraising event.

In Partnership with the organization Cruise For A Cause, Concinnity Digital provided digital infrastructure services that allowed Cruise For A Cause to maximize their fundraising efforts during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

If you’re running a non-profit organization, managing a fundraiser, thinking of creative ways on how you can raise awareness and support for the cause you believe in, or simply looking for tips that actually work - please read on!

Cruise for a cause has a wonderful story to tell and so we built them a non-profit event website so they can be heard

It's no secret that the internet is a powerful tool.

This is why non-profit organizations and fundraisers have long switched from traditional communication efforts such as word of mouth, flyering, bake sales, and others, to building their own website. Having a website is proven to help fundraisers and non-profit organizations to gain online presence, raise awareness about their cause, attract supporters, and many more.

As good as it sounds, building a website that effectively tells your story is not that easy. For this reason, the team from Cruise for a Cause sought our help.

By building their event website - https://cruiseforacause.net/, we were able to:

  • Tell their unique story with the use of the right content and media, combined with effective navigation features that maximize interaction with site visitors.
  • Ensure that the site is user-friendly, mobile compatible, and fast loading - all of which are critical elements in increasing the searchability of a website and expanding reach.
  • Give supporters and police member applicants a place to get information, submit application requests, provide support and easy access with the team of Cruise for a Cause. Having a website not only enhances contactability but also lends online legitimacy to an organization


By putting the right CRM system in place and utilizing online forms, processing Police Member Application is hassle-free and secure

As you raise awareness for your cause it’s imperative to reach not only your potential supporters but also your potential beneficiaries - otherwise what’s the point right?

Cruise for a Cause wanted to make sure that Chicago officers are well aware that training support is available for them and that the application process is hassle-free.

As part of our service, we have integrated their website with Concinnity Marketing Platform (CMP) - a powerful and fully customizable CRM system that manages customer relationships and interactions. One of its many features includes webform integration that facilitates an easy, secure and seamless flow of data from the site going to a centralized database. It serves as a secure repository that holds submitted information and allows the team to easily access and manage the contacts with their submitted data.

This helped the officers massively by providing an easy-access channel to submit their applications and also allowed the internal team to process all submissions efficiently without missing a beat. In effect, turnaround time was met and enhanced the overall process to support the cause.

Having raised awareness for their cause, Flexible Donation Options is a must to make it easier for people to get involved and provide support

Raising funds online can be daunting. However, with the right tools - requesting and managing donations can be a breeze. It all boils down to simplicity and trust.

Another key feature on cruiseforacause.net is its flexible donation options that allow people to choose how they want to show their support. We worked together with the team to come up with two simple and easy ways to get involved in the cause: people can either choose to purchase a ticket to the physical event or make a charitable donation. It is crucial to make the process as clear, simple, and easy to understand as possible to avoid potential donors from bouncing off of your page.

Donors can be very cautious about giving out donations That's why it’s also important to choose a reliable and secure payment system. This way you are able to protect your supporters and at the same time instill trust and security.



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