August 26, 2021

Fast Fleet Roadside Service Case Study

This marketing success case study reviews the work conducted by Concinnity Digital to take Fast Fleet up to $15k in ad spend a month with a revenue of mid 5 figures at month 1 of 2021 yielding a 260% increase in monthly revenue in just six months.

Learn about how we scaled Fast Fleet Roadside Service from $3,000 a month to $15,000 a month in ad spend.

Business Challenge

  1. Build a modern & sales friendly website
  2. Use Google Advertising to generate new leads
  3. Use Call Agents to book jobs and collect payments
  4. Implement call analytics to effectively scale advertising


Build a modern and mobile-friendly website to generate sales

  • Mobile-Friendly Website
  • Prominent Call to Actions integrated with CRM & Booking Platforms
  • Segmented Service Pages that yield high conversions from Google Ad campaigns

Google Advertising

Segmented Keyword strategy that sends relevant queries to relevant pages

  • With a collaborative keyword approach, we grouped keywords according to a STAG strategy. This allowed us to tightly monitor conversion rates per group with the landing pages, and overtime use conversion rate optimization to yield higher ROI and ad spend performance.

Alpha / Beta campaign ratio to scale profitable terms

  • Keeping a 90/10 ratio between proven profitable terms and looser targeting to explore new opportunities, we keep budgets healthy to feed opportunity growth with the ad campaigns. Alpha campaigns find new keywords via the search terms report and can help us explore new digital opportunities, which then mature to the beta campaign as proven profitable keywords.

Ad Extensions

  • Use a variety of call, location, value, sitelink, and now image extensions, we drive tons of calls via these extensions. Helping to increase ad screen share, extensions make your ad more prominent, generally rank higher, and increase click through rates. Our strategy has well paid off, yielding phenomenal results via call extensions and site links to more relevant pages

Outsource call agents via Taskhelpr

Task Helprs are strategically located in key cities of the Philippines where the best talent can be found.

1. 24/7 Custom built dispatch center that keeps jobs booked day or night

a. By recruiting high ranking agents from the BPO in the Philippines, we offer significant cost savings to the client, running a 24/7 dispatch team to drive profit at all hours of the day. These agents qualify the leads, and book jobs with the boots on the ground dispatch to service the down vehicle. Agents then follow up on reporting the job, checking in between multiple parties, and then ensuring complete payment from the job.

2. Advanced call analytics (through Dialpad)

a. By referring and setting the client up with Dialpad, Agents must report the call disposition at the end of each call, making for easy recurring analysis and performance reporting. Tracking unqualified leads and sources, common reasons leads call back and cancel jobs, and type of lead help the operation stay current with training that is relevant to the situations they encounter, and ultimately result in higher book rates.

3. 24/7 Call Agents online for ½ of regular labor cost

4. We have helped Fast Fleet hire multiple Taskhelprs as call agents from the Philippines at half the regular labor cost and because of the time change they can work through the night (their day) and then the US call agents can work during the day ensuring a smooth 24/7 call desk.

6. Administrative tasks

7. We also helped them hire some Taskhelprs as administrative workers to do billing and payment collections.

Analytics & Tracking

Sales & New Unit Sales (Jobs Booked)

  • 263% growth in Revenue
  • 251% growth in Total Jobs
  • 252% growth in New Jobs
  • 244% growth in Google Jobs

Cost per conversion

  • $25.12 per conversion average with all campaigns combined over the last 6 months.

Conversions reported

  • From Jan-Jun 21’ 2,313 conversions were reported.

Scaled Conversions - 318% growth in conversions in 6 months 26% average monthly increase in conversions from Jan-June 2021

  • Jan-Feb 30.15% increase in conversions
  • Feb-Mar 46.72% increase in conversions
  • Mar-Apr 3.68% decrease in conversions
  • Apr-May 30.33% increase in conversions
  • May-Jun 32.49% increase in conversions


Success Results

Fast Fleet grew in revenue by 263% in six months.

  • Jan-Feb 41.97% increase in revenue
  • Feb-Mar 44.03% increase in revenue
  • Mar-Apr 4.86% increase in revenue
  • Apr-May 3.58% increase in revenue
  • May-Jun 18.20% increase in revenue

Fast Fleet scaled booked jobs by 251% in six months

20.21% avg. monthly increase in total jobs from Jan-June 2021

  • Jan-Feb 41.29% increase in booked jobs
  • Feb-Mar 45.20% increase in booked jobs
  • Mar-Apr 36.48% increase in booked jobs
  • Apr-May 19.58% decrease in booked jobs
  • May-Jun 11.46% increase in booked jobs

Scaled new jobs - 252% growth in new jobs in 6 months.

20.26% avg. monthly in new jobs from Jan-June 2021

  • Jan-Feb 52.38% increase in new jobs
  • Feb-Mar 38.54% increase in new jobs
  • Mar-Apr .37% increase in new jobs
  • Apr-May 4.11% increase in new jobs
  • May-Jun 14.02% increase in new jobs

Scaled google jobs - 244% growth in google jobs in 6 months.

19.54% avg. monthly in google jobs from Jan-June 2021

  • Jan-Feb 63.23% increase in google jobs
  • Feb-Mar 12.61% increase in google jobs
  • Mar-Apr 13.6% decrease in google jobs
  • Apr-May 30.55% increase in google jobs
  • May-Jun 17.73% increase in google jobs


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