March 30, 2021

Success Case: Local Family Doctor's Office

Helton Family Medicine is a Board certified, full service, family practice doctor’s office. Located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, they serve patients of all ages, from newborns to geriatrics.

Living by the philosophy “We put our patient’s health first”, Dr. Helton started practicing medicine in the year 200 and over the past 18 years have treated and served over 15,000 patients.

Along with his team of dedicated nurses, nurse practitioners, and healthcare providers all serve the community with the highest quality of treatment and medical care.


Business Challenge

This team of medical practitioners led by Dr. Helton was looking for cost-effective and highly customizable solutions that would be able to meet stringent healthcare standards.

Understanding their patients’ lifestyle and how majority of them consume information online, this private doctor’s office needed to find a way to fully utilize their website -,  in order to:

Expand patient reach

Effectively communicate relevant information about the services and treatments they offer

Improve patient’s journey in booking their doctor's appointment


Customized Solution

Concinnity worked closely with Dr. Helton and his team to  fully understand the pain points and journey of their patients. Together, we scoped for opportunities to improve user experience and drive traffic to Helton Family Medicine’s website. All while making sure that the messaging speaks to their target audience the way Dr. Helton himself would deliver it – one that resonates the signature Helton-care.

Scope of Work


In building the solution, the following digital marketing strategies were implemented:

  • SEO-first web design strategy: Concinnity focused on not only giving the site a face lift but also making sure that the web structure, loading speed and user experience are all optimized to bring the site over the 90% rating.
  • Optimal Mobile Experience: With majority of their patients already on mobile, Concinnity made sure that the site is mobile responsive to provide a positive site experience to  users regardless of their screen size. Making sure the site does not only look great but also functions seamlessly across all devices.
  • Content Marketing: With the primary goal of providing relevant information about their capabilities and the services they offer to key audiences, each content piece is designed to build site authority and increase SERP impressions following SEO best practices. This meant putting in time and effort to conduct keyword research and competitor analysis for effective and consistent story-telling.
  • Enterprise-grade Web Security: Aside from using secure web hosting, Concinnity implemented security best practices by installing SSL certificates and plug-ins for an additional layer of protection. The team also conducts regular security scans for malwares, blacklists and errors, as well as routine site backup.
  • Hassle-free online scheduler: Patients who are looking to schedule a doctor’s appointment can now book online through their website. This saves both the patient and the Helton Family Medicine Team the time and effort in managing doctor’s appointments.
  • On-page SEO: Focusing on on-page content and increasing conversion rates, we continued expanding with illness-based web content that drew top-of-funnel traffic researching their illness. We then linked to primary call to actions, including phone number clicks and webforms.
  • Off-page Optimization: All directory submissions were revised with updated information and Concinnity engaged local web partners for relevant and mutually beneficial backlinking.
  • Keyword Ranking: Concinnity focused on building on-site page content to boost ranking for specific keywords. This involved creating primary and secondary keywords specific to their business and audience intent.
  • Search PPC: Further expanding on the success of our SEO efforts, we took the primary and secondary terms for which we had collected the data and knew they were profitable to run on, and created urgency-based and value-based search ads


Success Results
Since the website redesign in Q3 of 2018 , there has been a massive increase in website traffic.

Now is ranking 1st in google search for murfreesboro family doctor and 3rd if you search murfreesboro family medicine.

Website Traffic


Ave. Position






Since PPC campaigns were initiated in Q3 of 2020 a total of $6,430 has been spent allocated on ad spend, resulting to a total of 4,170 clicks and an average cost per click of $1.54.


Ave. Click Through Rate


Cost Per Acquisition


Ave. Webform Conversion


Ave. Phone Call Conversion



Combining Dr. Helton’s team effort and Concinnity’s customized digital marketing solutions, this local family doctor’s office achieved 100% of their patient goals.

With success as the main driver, Helton Family Medicine increased capacity by hiring nurse practitioners and a full time doctor to meet higher patient volume.

Phone Inquiries
New Patients


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