March 30, 2021

Success Case: Local Family Doctor's Office

This Marketing Success Case Study reviews the work conducted by Concinnity Digital to bring increased patient inquiries and admits to a local family doctor’s office in Murfreesboro, TN. This study’s term reviews 3 years worth of work, and outlines how effective a multi-year digital marketing strategy can be for growing a medical practice.

Scope of Work

Reporting Systems used:

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • SEMrush (for rankings reports)

About this Local Business

Helton Family Medicine is a Board certified, full service family practice doctor’s office serving patients in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Serving patients of all ages, they proudly provide the best care from newborns to geriatrics in the office and the hospital. Dr. Helton is accompanied by Murfreesboro, TN’s most competent healthcare providers, nurse practitioners, and nurses.


Top Metrics Tracked

  • Rankings
    • Primary Terms: Murfreesboro Family Doctor, Family Doctor Near Me
    • Secondary Terms: Sick Visits, pediatrician, Adult PCP
    • Tertiary Terms: ADHD, Hypertension, Diabetes, 
  • Conversion data:
    • Webform Completions
    • Phone Calls
  • Traffic
    • Sessions
    • Users


Scope & Methodologies

Website Redesign (Q3 of 2018)

The original website had 8 pages, and was lacking in quality and depth of content. The site was not mobile responsive, and for primary search terms, would populate on the 2nd page of Google.

Using an SEO first website design strategy, we not only revised the websites visual appeal to a more relevant and younger audience, but we also generated more engaging content that increased total ranking keywords, introducing secondary and tertiary terms based around symptoms and specific illnesses.

We developed this authoritative content following SEO best practices, and created a larger site that resulted in an increase in total SERP impressions. 

We also implemented better security practices, improved page speed load, and of course, implemented a mobile responsive web framework in WordPress.


Since the website redesign in Q3 of 2018 we have seen a massive increase in website traffic.

Our visibility is up 38.86% in the last two years with average traffic up 19% and average position up 13.43%.

Now is ranking 1st in google search for murfreesboro family doctor and 3rd if you search murfreesboro family medicine.   


SEO (Q4 of 2018)

Our 3-part SEO strategy covers on page, off page, and technical optimization. Focusing on on page content and increasing conversion rates, we continued expanding with illness-based web content that drew top-of-funnel traffic researching their illness. We then linked to primary call to actions, including phone number clicks and webforms. 

For off page optimization, we revised all directory submissions for updated information, in addition to finding local web partners to mutually benefit from relevant linking. 

For technical optimization, we focused on enhancing page speed and user experience, following Google’s Light House audit feature (built into Google Chrome) to bring the site over the 90% rating.


From 2013-2018 organic search was pretty flat as you can see in the second graph and since we started helping Dr. Helton with his website, SEO, and Keywords there has been a clear rise in Website traffic and Click Through Rates.

If you just look this year vs last year in the first 3 months of the year we had 1.19k clicks in Q1 2020 and 2k clicks in Q1 2021.  Total impressions Q1 of 2020 was 39.3k impressions and Q1 of 2021 is up to 59.4k already with another week to go in March.

Search PPC (Q3 of 2020)

Further expanding on the success of our SEO efforts, we took the primary and secondary terms for which we had collected the data and knew they were profitable to run on, and created urgency based and value based search ads that yielded an average 7-16% Click Through Rates. Our campaigns at first were optimized to collect important click through and user behavior data. After 45 days, our campaigns were profitable and we need that we could switch bidding strategies to a method that optimizes for conversions instead of clicks. This resulted in a 18% drop in Cost Per Acquisition, and great budget efficiency.


Screenshot: An example of a Google Search Ad campaign that runs on primary terms and is optimized for new patient Phone Calls.

Since we initiated PPC in Q3 of 2020 we have spent $6,430 in ad spend, with a total of 4,170 clicks and an average cost per click of $1.54. We have seen an average 7.3% webform conversion rate and  5.92% phone call conversion rate.


In Review

Ultimately, the team at Concinnity Digital has been very pleased with the performance of our marketing initiatives for Helton Family Medicine. During our time working together, Dr. Helton has been able to hire additional nurse practitioners and even an additional full time doctor to help with the increased patient load. This is an optimal outcome, and we are happy to know that Dr. Helton's local community is receiving the medical care that they need.



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