June 10, 2021

Success Case: Midsouth Removal

This marketing success case study reviews the work conducted by Concinnity Digital to take a new company started with no marketing plan and a budget of $500 a month to a marketing budget of $2000 a month that produces $30k in revenue per month.

MidSouth Removal was started by Patrick Winans in April 2020. The owner of Midsouth Removal was unhappy in a corporate job, and left his full time commitment to start and grow a junk removal business.

Patrick found our services and relied on us to help grow his business to the next level. Serving the greater Memphis area, Midsouth

Business Challenge

Patrick was looking to start a new business and needed a partner to show him how to leverage a new website, social media posts and ad spend to grow and scale a new business with only $500 a month in marketing budget.

  • Build a website with user friendly easy quote and booking
  • Establish online presence
  • Build reputation by focusing on positive google reviews
  • Paid Search


Customized Solution

Concinnity worked closely with MidSouth Removal to fully understand the vision and passion he has for his customers. Together, we scoped for opportunities to improve user experience and drive traffic to MidSouth Removal’s website. All while making sure that the messaging speaks to his target audience the way Patrick himself would deliver it.

Scope of Work

In building the solution, the following digital marketing strategies were implemented:

  • Hassle-free online scheduler, click to call & text to quote: Customers are always wanting to do things themselves and making the site optimized for the user experience is paramount. We made this as easy as possible for the customer to contact the business owner for service. Simple click to call button on each page. Text to quote allows the customer to send a quick message and receive a quote via sms. Lastly the hassle free online scheduler allows clients to set up an appointment on their own without having to speak to anyone.
  • SEO-first web design strategy: Concinnity focused on not only building a user friendly site but also making sure that the web structure, loading speed and user experience are all optimized to bring the site over the 90% rating.
  • Optimal Mobile Experience: With the majority of customers already on mobile, Concinnity made sure that the site is mobile responsive to provide a positive site experience to users regardless of their screen size. Making sure the site does not only look great but also functions seamlessly across all devices.
  • Content Marketing: With the primary goal of providing relevant information about their capabilities and the services they offer to key audiences, each content piece is designed to build site authority and increase SERP impressions following SEO best practices. This meant putting in time and effort to conduct keyword research and competitor analysis for effective and consistent story-telling.
  • Enterprise-grade Web Security: Aside from using secure web hosting, Concinnity implemented security best practices by installing SSL certificates and plug-ins for an additional layer of protection. The team also conducts regular security scans for malwares, blacklists and errors, as well as routine site backup.
  • On-page SEO: Focusing on on-page content and increasing conversion rates, we continued expanding with illness-based web content that drew top-of-funnel traffic researching their illness. We then linked to primary call to actions, including phone number clicks and webforms.
  • Off-page Optimization: All directory submissions were revised with updated information and Concinnity engaged local web partners for relevant and mutually beneficial backlinking.
  • Keyword Ranking: Concinnity focused on building on-site page content to boost ranking for specific keywords. This involved creating primary and secondary keywords specific to their business and audience intent.
  • Search PPC: Further expanding on the success of our SEO efforts, we took the primary and secondary terms for which we had collected the data and knew they were profitable to run on, and created urgency-based and value-based search ads


Top Metrics Tracked

  • Text for Quotes
  • Call for Quote
  • Webform
  • Total Conversions
  • Total Monthly Spend


Call to Action Completions

We are tracking 3 metrics for Call to Action Completions.

Webform completions, Call Button completions and SMS completions.

In this first graph you can see how we started to help MidSouth Removal in June 2020 with $500 in ad spend per month for the first three months.

We implemented Webforms, Call Button and Text for quotes on their website and were able to generate revenue right away.

The client was able to up their spend to $1000 per month and you can see in the graph below we immediately jumped to 62 completions in September 2020 then up to 246 completions in October 2020. The client then upped their spend again and now we average 350 completions per month on just under $2000 per month in ad spend. So in less than a year we were able to take a client with a new business with only $500 a month in ad spend up to about $2000 a month in ad spend and they are now generating $30,000 a month in revenue.


Text for Quote

One of the metrics that we are tracking for MidSouth Removal is Text for Quote. This has been the highest performing call to action of the 3 we implemented with 1,303 completions in the last 3 months averaging 200-250 SMS quotes per month.



With our CRM integration the client is able to easily respond in realtime to sms quotes through the CRM and track all the leads in one place. Here is an example of the sms quote through the website as well as lead management through the CRM.


Webform Completions

The next metric we track in webform completions. This we do in the form of a scheduler. The potential customers have different pricing options on the pricing page and after they choose a service and price it takes them to this form where they can choose a time for the service to be completed. This is super useful if you don't need a quote and can decide the job you need and allows the customer to effortlessly schedule the service. We are now averaging about 30 customer scheduled appointments per month off of this webform.




Call Button

The third call to action we implemented for MidSouth Removal is the call button. This allows the customer to call in with a click of a button and be able to talk to the owner and get a quote over the phone. We are currently averaging 50 clicks to call actions per month for a quote.


Success Results

This is a summary of all 3 calls to action we set up for MidSouth Removal since we started helping them in June 2020. 3,092 total completions with a 40.87% Conversion rate! 198 scheduled jobs through the scheduler webform, 404 clicks to call and a massive 1,303 sms texts for a quote. All of this is generating our client $30k a month with one truck and now he is looking to purchase another truck and scale up further.


Client Testimonial

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