Case Study: Local Medical Practice in Nashville, TN


Local Doctor's Office Marketing Case Study

Helton Family Medicine, a family medical practice in Murfreesboro, TN was looking to expand it’s patient acquisition pipeline using digital marketing. 

They had been taken advantage of by another SEO company before and wanted to make sure their marketing budget wasn’t wasted. 

Local Doctors Office

the problem

The family practice had an aging patient base and wanted to move into a higher profit, younger patient base.

The healthcare industry is undergoing a battle of attrition between federal regulations, insurance companies, and medical businesses. 

Helton Family Medicine needed to increase their presence online, specifically in Google and Bing, so that they could acquire more patients, specifically younger families with preferred health insurance plans. 

our solution

A website revamp and managed search engine optimization.

With a website redesign and managed SEO implementation, Concinnity Digital was able to increase website rankings in broad and niche keywords by over 100%, getting the website onto the first page of google and acquiring new patients via Google My Business.

The Results

Starting Rank
Rank 90 Days Post Launch
0 %
Increase in Patient Call Ins

Significant Increase in business actions

Significant increase in impressions

33% Discovery Rate for top 10 queries

First page for primary keyword

How we did it

New Website (left slide), Old Website (last slide)

Relaunched with a new business website

With an old site that was limited in content, we knew that we had to revamp, redesign and provide a high quality business website that would capture leads and deliver valuable content to prospective patients.

We purchased a high keyword intent domain, Murfreesboro Family Doctor, launched a new brand, focusing on family friendliness that would appeal to younger families.

We focused on creating an efficient and valuable user experience for patients, offering information of conditions, the practice, insurance accepted and age demographics treated.

The site was built SEO first. We used a mobile responsive design, which resulted in gaining significant rankings on mobile devices. 

Ongoing website content development

The keyword strategy for the website required development of condition-topics that allowed for SERP rankings in more niche terms. In application, we created over 20 treatment pages for medical conditions ranging from

  • mental health disorders
  • diabetes
  • blood pressure
  • wellness visits 
  • sports physical assessments
  • vaccinations

Optimized Google My Business

We optimized the Google My Business (GMB) profile, updating with brand new, high quality images of the staff, facility and patients, responding to positive and negative testimonials, and creating topic-oriented or season-oriented posts.