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Stop switching agencies and losing all you've built. Build your virtual marketing department and keep it. We're builders, not takers.

Onboarding Package

Ready to start building your virtual marketing department? You've come to the right place. Our Onboarding package is specifically designed to set you up for future success, including outlining key strategies to profitability, understanding your offerings, and aligning with your customers barriers to purhcase. In the marketing world, you pay for what you get, and with the Onboarding Package, you get a whole lot!


Building our professional relationship to set you up for success

About your Onboarding Journey

At Concinnity Digital, we're big believers in process and culture. That's why we spent time crafting a specific 4 meeting sales and onboarding meeting process to best get to know each other. Our meetings start with the basics, then progress to more "in the weeds" type questions to get a better feel for your business, leadership, goals, and current state of affairs. This process requires signficant time and work on our end, which is why we want to ensure that if we we're to work together, it would be a great fit. Curious to know more? Check out our step-by-step marketing onboarding process below.

Touchpoint 1 - Handshake meeting

In this meeting, we get to know each other and learn about your goals as an organization. This meeting allows us to review if this might be a good fit moving forwarded and is included complementary in our service offerings.
Question Categories
  • About you
  • Roles
  • Systems
  • Assets

Touchpoint 2 - Discovery

This is a virtual meeting in which we share with you information about us, while also getting to learn about your and your business.
During this time, we map your answers to our questions into cards in our "virtual marketing department". If we end up working together, you will get access to your very own marketing department.
Question Categories
  • Offerings
  • Customers
  • Value propositiosn
  • Sales & Books
  • Competitors

Touchpoint 3 - Alignment

After our discovery meeting, we generally have a pretty good idea if we might be a good fit, but alignment is the time where we ensure this. During alignment, we dig further into the details on your business' budget, profitability metrics, target acquisition costs, expected returns, and more. We also be sure to check any mismanaged expectations, and communicate our perspective on various marketing matters.
Question Categories
  • Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Budgets
  • Our Fees

Touchpoint 4 - Closing

In this final meeting, we review our previous conversations, discuss your perspective on our time together, and discuss next steps.
Topics of discussion
  • In Review
  • Policies
  • Timelines
  • Next Steps

Touchpoint 5 - Onboarding

In this meeting, we you share assets and access with us so that we can begin to setup tools, gather data, and integrate our systems.
We share
  • Assets
  • Access

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