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Sales Pipeline Multi-Touch Automation


Marketing that cuts through the clutter

Save time and budget by automating tedious work.

Automate the little stuff so you can focus on the big picture

Make "Did I do this already? a thing of the past.

If you're a small business owner or marketing staff, you know that it is easy to let things slip through the cracks. These sorts of things happen.. and they cost you your time, budget, and resources to fix. Stop playing "catch up" and instead just sit back and relax while letting automation do the work for you. 

Our automation service takes commonly handled low-level marketing tasks and does them for you in a trigger - action sequence. 
Lead Follow Up
Confirm inquiries, send follow up messages, book appointments and more, without lifting a finger.
Notification Alerts
Get alerts to your email or phone for new leads, new conversion actions, or really... just about anything!
Lead Qualifying
Qualifying leads with follow up forms, chat bots, and applications. Know where you need to spend your time, before you spend it.
Review Requests
Once your work is done, automatically send a thank you and review request so that you can capture happy client reviews.

Lead Handling Automation

Time to Contact (TTC) is an extremely important part of increasing lead close rates, and we have seen up to an increase in 40% just from faster lead handling.

Create text and email automation campaigns that educate your leads about you, pre-handle sales objections, showcase your work, build trust, and win over hearts and minds.
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Custom Alerts

Get a text, email, or notification any time you get a new conversion, including webforms, online bookings, purchases, direct messages, and more.
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Automating lead handling through stages

Build a consistent user journey that reflects a high quality sales process and delights your target customers. We help you map out your sales stages, then build the automation, triggers, content, and tracking around them so that you have your very own sales department that never clocks out.
Raw Lead
Trigger > New Lead
Action > Lead Nurture
User > Completes Form
Trigger: Next Stage
Qualified Lead
Trigger > Testimonials Campaign
User > Clicks Link
Trigger: Next Stage
Action > Send Quote
Trigger > Retargeting Campaign
Trigger: Paid
Action > Send Job Request
Trigger > Thank you

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Sales Pipeline Multi-Touch Automation

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