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Use paid traffic to generate leads and grow your business, all on Google Ads or Bing Ads.

Search PPC service

Need someone to manage your Google Ads and Bing Ads, specifically for search? Our Search PPC service is specifically built to offer big business PPC strategy on a small business budget. Our specific search advertising process allows us to generate high quality leads from paid traffic, and grow your sales funnel.


targetted search advertising

Paid Traffic that converts.
Generate leads using Google Ads and Bing Ads.

Stop wasting ad spend budget

Paid search management done the right way.

Leverage high level paid search strategy by capitalizing on your customers search intent. Increase your click through rate, conversion rate, and push your budget further with a strategic paid search partner.

Looking for greater Google Adwords or search advertising management? Consider partnering with Concinnity Digital. By considering your customers search intent, and strategically targeting profitable parts of your offer's search funnel, we can acquire customers and scale your sales pipeline.

We work with your team to build and test landing pages, track your customers user experience pain points, and optimize landing page copy to increase ad quality score and conversion rates.

whats included in our 
Paid Search Management

Everything you need...but nothing more. Generate high quality leads and scale your business with a paid search management service that falls inline with how you do business. 

Weekly Optimizations

Our team reviews campaign performance weekly, and gets alerts from automated scripts when things start under or overspending.

Actively Managed Keyword Lists

We use latent semantic indexing to find and categorize search terms related to your business offerings. We actively manage terms based on performance.

True ROI Reporting

When using Concinnity Marketing Platform, we can calculate and report true ROI on each lead, including cost per acquisition.

UTM Tracking

Campaigns and ads each get tracking templates that help us understand campaign performance trends on your website.

Landing Pages

Private (no-index no-follow) landing pages designed by yours truly. We help custom segmented landing pages to increase ad quality score.

Conversion Tracking

Track standard or custom conversions, including stages in your funnel, calls, clicks, texts, bookings, purchases, and more.

Search terms optimized weekly

We watch relevancy and quality score closely to make sure your terms are optimized, you aren't bidding on non-relevant search terms, and that your CPC are reasonable for the sales intent.

Custom Landing Pages Included

We create custom landing pages for your search ads to create more relevant shopping experiences for prospective customer.

Lead & Conversion Tracking

Know the conversion points in your funnel and track each leads true source. Attribute last touch vs. first touch, and answer hard questions like "How many leads come from search vs. facebook that ACTUALLY converted.
About us

Ethics and strategies around modern Paid Search Management

Recent technology advancements have opened up a new can of worms when considering Google Ads or Bing Ads PPC. We wanted to take a moment to keep you in the conversation on this and our perspective on the matter.

Google can best be thought of as the world's foremost expert organization on Artificial Intelligence. Google has used it's original product (search) to generate extremely sophisticated ways of tracking, advertising, and engaging users across the planet.

In recent years, Google has continued to push toward a fully automated advertising strategy based on it's very advanced algorithms. While we celebrate technology advancements, in our experience, Google's automated advertising recommendations generally do not coincide with our client's business goals or budget. We do our best to abide by Google's best practices (in Organic and Paid media), but we must confess... our true loyalty is to our clients.

We have found that mature paid search campaigns often perform best with a more manual approach that provides greater cost control per lead and scales more appropriately.

The best practice we have found to work well time and again is to continually test and iterate on campaigns, tweaking and consistently improving performance. We will often test automated campaigns vs. manual campaigns, but generally find manual campaigns better performing. If you'd like to learn more about this, consider inquiring with us.

search advertising platforms

Meet your customers search intent.

Leverage the power of search and search intent to provide needed solutions to customers shopping habits. 

Search is your modern day phone book. You want your website to answer questions to problems that your prospective customers have, then you want to convert them into a lead, or qualified lead.

Google Search

Google Display Network

Bing Ads


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Search PPC service

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