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"the skillful and harmonious arrangement or fitting together of the different parts of something."

Business phone systems 101

Using a phone service provider named Dialpad, we set up your business phone service including voice greetings, call recording prompts, and your call routing so that no call gets missed.

Understanding the b2b phone industry

With Dialpad, you can expect a fast setup, hassle-free deployment, and the ability to provision and manage users with ease and efficiency.

Call Center Productivity
Dialpad takes pride in providing useful tools to address some of the challenges that call centers face, such as inaccurate reporting and analytics.

Calling & Routing
From call park to call transfer to call forwarding, Dialpad offers a comprehensive suite of calling and routing features to help improve business communication at your organization.

Dialpad helps to enhance team collaboration with advanced business messaging features including SMS, MMS, Group SMS, and more.

Web Conferencing
Make your online meetings better with high quality audio and video web conferencing, extensive screen sharing capabilities, and advanced conference call settings.

Reliability & Security
With automatic data backup and redundancy built into the platform, Dialpad provides businesses with the best cloud phone system that enables secure, encrypted calls and layered security.

Voice Intelligence
With built-in machine learning, Voice Intelligence employs natural language processing and voice recognition to provide recommendations in real time and comprehensive post-call notes and transcripts.

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How our business phone service works

We analyze relevant keywords using your data, your competitor data, and our internal systems to create two categories of search terms, primary and secondary.
We then match these primary and secondary search terms into campaigns and ad groups based on semantic intent, with keyword match type strategically aligned to keyword volume, competition, and varietry of search terms.
For each ad group, we write a series of text ads that test value propositions. Some value propositions we reference from what seems to be working for competitors, but we also try to find others that explore un-search opportunities.
We match keywords and ad groups to landing pages that most closely match the search intent of the keyword.
Your website is used ot capture leads through common call to actions, either a webform, a phone call, a click to text, a scheduler, or some other goal.

whats included

call recording

reporting is automated, and delivered to your inbox monthly on the 4th business day of the moth

mobile app

we use conventional UTM parameters, linked to your Google Analytics so you never lose a lead

call reporting

included with all services. we review performance and keep a pulse on your business.

our services have a 6 month minimum term length. after the minimum term, the service rolls over to a month to month agreement

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