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a digital marketing service that connects, triggers, and passes data between systems.




"the skillful and harmonious arrangement or fitting together of the different parts of something."

How to use marketing automation for growth

Technology has enabled faster, more efficient, and consistent digital operations. But where does marketing automation fit in, and why does it matter?

understanding marketing automation

A modern business has technology along its fulfillment, finance, marketing, and IT operations. In each area, there are between 5 up to 75 different tools used, each creating a silo of data or information.

When exploring automation, it's important to look at the bigger picture, and create a clear plan on how you want your different systems and data to integrate, what events should be triggered how, and what does an ideal outcome look like?

From parsing emails for data and logging to a spreadsheet, generating invoices to be sent, triggering campaigns based on website activity, or automation drip campaigns to nurture leads, marketing automation is an extremely powerful means of scaling marketing infrastructure without losing margin.
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How our marketing automation service works

We map all of your internal marketing systems and identify areas of opportunity to discuss with you.
We discuss your needs, and collaboratively create an action map of system integration, including outlining events, triggers, actions, and redundencies.
our team gets access to your systems, and we use platforms like zapier or integromat to integrate your different technology.
we run the systems through a trial phase, looking for missed opportunities.
the automation works for you, and if you ever have any trouble, we fix it for you as part of your service.

whats included

99.99% Uptime

Service runs 24/7, with processing in as little as 5 minutes.

fixes included

System breaks, updates APIs, or needs to be mapped a different way? We'll handle it, no extra charge.

quarterly meeting

we check in and see if there are additional items or mappings needed on the horizon.

our services have a 6 month minimum term length. after the minimum term, the service rolls over to a month to month agreement

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