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Whats the benefit of paid social?

Learn more about Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and different ad strategies in the social media world.

Understanding Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is a titan in the ad industry. Facebook has developed one of the most advanced targeting networks in the world, but in recent years due to growing privacy concerns and increased regulations, has had to scale back it's most granular targeting features.

On Facebook, advertisers can structure campaigns to funnel leads through special offers, using retargeting and high ad frequency to hone in on an opportunity.

From lead ads, job ads, brand awareness campaigns, video ads, or online events, Facebook can be an extremely powerful way to consistently generate leads or business for a reasonable budget.
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How our paid social service works

We collaborate with you to discover your goals and needs. We auditt your existing digital assets, including your website, facebook pixel, and CRM systems.
We create campaigns based around your goals for sales. For many, we use lead forms to capture interested leads and funnel them through a text, email, and retargeting campaign.
Campaigns spend budget daily, and ad tracking technology trains facebook's algorithm to seek more goal completions.
Leads get captured and sent to a spreadsheet or a CRM of choice.
We optimized campaigns over time to create greater budget effeciency, and adjust to Facebook's marketing platform updates, or other market changes to maintain performance.

whats included

monthly reporting

reporting is automated, and delivered to your inbox monthly on the 4th business day of the moth

URL & lead tracking

we use conventional UTM parameters, linked to your Google Analytics so you never lose a lead

quarterly meeting

included with all services. we review performance and keep a pulse on your business.

our services have a 6 month minimum term length. after the minimum term, the service rolls over to a month to month agreement

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