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an infrastructure service that builds a lead generating or revenue producing website for business purposes.




"the skillful and harmonious arrangement or fitting together of the different parts of something."

What is in a good business website?

Learn more about business websites and why any modern organization should commit to acquiring a great one.

Understanding modern web development

Business websites have evolved rapidly since the 90s, and modern web design is more critical than ever for managing a high converting site.

its commonly known that a site must be mobile responsive (fit any screen size), but also now, Google has set for increased standards for security, user experience, and interactivity.

Most business websites follow a relatively standard format. Website header, hero with page title, content, call to action at the bottom, and footer to end the page off. Usually a business contains about information, along with information and pages about their offerings.

Here at Concinnity Digital, we've built many sites that have generated our clients thousands of leads and millions in sales. If you need a site to grow your business, please book a consultation with us.
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how our website building service works

We collaborate with you to learn about your website needs and feature requests. We create a task list of "must haves", while also comparing other near-market competitors to understand positioning and your industry trends.
We take our research and begin web staging, where we lay out the structure of pages, keywords, and content in Wordpress.
We work with 3rd party content writers to get quality and SEO-friendly content created for each web page, while we focus on user experience, design, and security.
We place content and finalize a first iteration of the website for your review. We then have a showcase meeting with you to talk through your initial feedback and any content needing revising.
We revise the website to specification, then begin our Quality Assurance process. We check for links, mobile responsive issues, user experience issues, and make sure your site is ready for launch.
After paying your remaining balance, we launch your website to either our hosting, or your own chosen hosting.

what's included

90+ Score on Google Audit

Google approved high scoring website. We cover 5 areas of analysis to produce great quality websites.

SEO built in

We start with a dedicated SEO strategy when getting your content developed. We handle SEO technicals so your site is prepared for ranking gains.

CRM integrations

We can integrate your webforms with CRMs, or use marketing automation to trigger campaigns, drips, and more.

Looking for a website development agency?

Use our integrated scheduler to book an introductory meeting with us.


Reach the next level

Partner with an agency that focuses on your growth first. 
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