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a learning course website development service that create monitizeable courses for organizations and online communities.




"the skillful and harmonious arrangement or fitting together of the different parts of something."

Why a learning course site?

Learn more about how learning course sites are becoming commonly used for job training, compliance courses, community education, and private skill courses.

Understanding learning courses

Online learning courses continue to grow in popularity. From single entrepeneur skill courses to enterprise compliance courses, it seems that more organizations are using learning sites to educate and empower their staff and customers.

When looking for a learning management system, you want to understand the structuring of content into courses, lessons, and topics. Some LMS platforms allow you to add quizzes and build in a social network, others are barebones study materials.

At Concinnity Digital, we are here to help you build the learning course site that accomplishes your goals in measureable, and user friendly ways.
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How our learning course development service works

We collaborate to examine the scope of your educational material, and what features you need in a learning management system.
We build the structure and design of the site, while you focus on completing the course content.
When the course content is ready, we take and place it on the site in it's respective structure and begin course testing.
We enable and build additional features like quizzes, certificates, awards and more.
We enter our Quality Assurance process and continue testing the site features and functionality.
We launch the learning course site to our dedicated hosting or your own hosting of choice.

whats included

Mobile friendly

Your users can take courses on a smart phone or on desktop.

Quizes & Scoring

Test and score your users learning to grade students as they progress through the course.

Paid Content

Keep certain content for paying users only. Call to action to sign up for membership or purchase a course.

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