A Startup marketing service package

Designed and priced specifically for startups and small local businesses that are looking to start digital marketing without breaking the budget, our Level 1 service offering is everything you need to lay a marketing foundation, including a business website, account setup, analytics and and a primer on ROI-effective strategy.

Level 1

How to start digital marketing your business

A birds eye view at marketing technology, strategy and budget.

Marketing isn’t nearly as simple as it used to be. For startups and small business owners, the barrier to entry for return-on-investment effective marketing continues to heighten, often leaving owners confused and frustrated. If you’re wondering “How do I start marketing my business?” or “What digital marketing do I need?” then this page and this offering is intended for you.

At Concinnity Digital, our mission is to make access to critical business operations as simple and easy as possible. The marketing landscape continues to evolve, but who has time to keep up? If you ask our clients, most of them will agree that there aren’t enough hours in the day and this often results in marketing being a last priority, before service fulfillment and before finance operations. This is a dangerous slope that can increases the risk of the business falling into a negative cash flow state and eventually closing. Modern, effective digital marketing mitigates that risk, offering a steady state of budgeted spend that creates a client acquisition pipeline and keeps the business in a healthy place.

So lets talk about what modern marketing strategy for a small business looks like.

Modern Marketing Strategy 101 - For non-marketers

So you’ve got your business legally formed, you might have a few clients and you’re looking to grow. So how do you do that? You know you need a business website, probably a facebook page, and you’ve heard that SEO can help. But you’re new to that and you aren’t sure how to judge what to do first. Welcome to strategy!


Strategy is the ability to definitively produce desired results from limited resources.


In marketing, your early-stage goal is to convey your business’ value proposition to prospective customers. How to do this will vary by industry, but in the modern era, we’re seeing a few trends:

  1. Everyone is online now. People use Google for answers, Social Media for sharing, Google My Business & Yelp for reviews, Groupon for deals, and the list goes on. While we don’t recommend blanket marketing strategy, it is highly likely that you are able to leverage an online marketing channel to acquire more customers.
  2. You need a business website. If you don’t have a business website (no a facebook page does not count), you might as well not exist beyond your immediate network. This business website needs to show your brand authentically, and answer questions your prospective customers might have if you were to see them face to face. 
  3. Online advertising can be extremely effective. The most common ways that small or new businesses will begin advertising is through social media like Facebook & Instagram, or through Search Ads on Google. These technology platforms offer insanely niche targeting, allowing you to reach the right customers at the right time. We typically see client acquisition costs (CAC) between $6 up to $300 in most industries. Depending on the lifetime value of a customer, digital advertising can be an easy way to scale your business.
  4. Direct mail can also be extremely effective. You may not hear this much, but some aspects of traditional marketing still work extremely well. Direct mail marketing can also be a great way to scale your business, targeting consumers or businesses through zipcode, address or income based mail lists.

Okay, so these are the trends. But how do we get started?

Startup Marketing Checklist


Discover your "Why"

Write down your value proposition and your business’ narrative. Your value proposition is going to be the reason that customers choose you. Maybe you have a better offering? Maybe you have lower prices? Maybe you have a new product? This is extremely important because it will serve as a foundation to your businesses marketing strategy.  We recommend asking any current customers for feedback about what they like about your business offering and what they don’t like. Secondly, think about why you started your business and create a narrative around that. Ideally, this will be something more personal or relateable than “I want to make more money”, and may tie into your core values and philosophies.


Get a website built

Your website is your digital business card. You need it. 

We recommend choosing a website vendor who will build your website using a web platform called WordPress. WordPress powers about 40% of the internet, it’s easily accessible, there is a large industry supporting it, and is great for SEO. We recommend avoiding squarespace and wix, frankly because they aren’t as flexible and just don’t rank as high. 

To get a website up and running, you’ll need 3 things

  1. Domain Name (www.yoursite.com)
  2. Hosting (the computer that your site sits on)
  3. The site

For your domain, we recommend buying from domains.google.com. DO NOT USE GoDaddy! They can be a nightmare to work and we have had several clients lose domains or sites over their lack of quality service. Domains will cost you between $5 – $60 a year to register, depending on where you buy it. And no, it doesn’t really matter if you use .com or .org or .net or .io.

For hosting, we recommend getting a VPS server. SSDnodes offers great hosting at a fraction of the price of most other VPS vendors, but they will need to configure your ports for you before installing WordPress. We do not recommend using shared hosting (often the cheap hosting you will see from sites like GoDaddy or Bluehost). This type of hosting is slow, goes down frequently, and can cause site issues that impact your SEO. If you are considering shared hosting, we do recommend siteground as a palternative to SSDnodes.

For your website, just go with WordPress. You can buy a theme and configure pages easily, or go a more custom route and use a page builder like Elementor, DIVI, or Beaver Builder. Personally, we recommend Elementor, as it offers the most flexibility with site design, marketing integrations, and site speed. Make sure your site is mobile responsive. Do not put your businesses email address on the site, instead opt of or a web form that sends queries to your inbox.


Leverage Free Google Technologies

Google fortunately offers some really great digital marketing products for free. Those are:

  1. Google Analytics. This is a free website analytics software that you install the tracking code on your site in your
    tag. This allows you to track and measure your website traffic, where traffic comes from, how much time users spend on your site, top pages, bounce rate and more. This is a must for every single business website out there.
  2. Google Search Console. This is a free webmaster tool that allows you to measure how well your site is indexed in Google Search, top queries to find your site, site performance and any technical site issues. This is setup by verifying domain ownership, which if you bought your domain from Google, this will be easy process. Otherwise, you’ll need to add a TXT record to your domains DNS.
  3. Google My Business. This is Google’s version of Yelp, allowing customers to quickly find relevant information on your business, see photos, contact you, get directions to your business and read and leave reviews. Setting up a GMB listing is pretty easy, but we recommend filling out as much content as possible and posting to it regularly so that your business listing gets higher impressions.


Setup your Social Media Accounts

You can claim social media profiles for free, upload your business’ logo and brand assets, and fill out contact information. We recommend getting setup on the following:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. LinkedIn

Others include:

  1. Twitter
  2. Pinterest
  3. Snapchat
  4. Reddit

So what is our Level 1 Package?

It includes everything that we listed above. We simply take care of everything you need, letting you focus on your business while we setup your marketing foundation.