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For the last 2 years, Concinnity Digital has worked with Fast Fleet to grow their sales through paid media, website development, dispatch team hiring and fulfillment, and marketing automation.. 

Through our work, we’ve been able to help this brand exceed 100% YoY sales revenue growth, have generated over 2.3 million in sales while maintaining between 2-4x Return on adspend.

Helping Truckers in the Southeast get back on the road.

With Fast Fleet’s commitment to reliable roadside services, we have helped grow multiple segments of their business through direct to consumer paid media campaigns, and partnership program growth. Using robust marketing automation, we alleviate the burdens of a growing dispatch team that takes over 80 calls per day, and create infrastructure that scales with this fast paced business. 

A rugged brand that helps those in urgent need, empowering our nation's trucking industry to get back on the road.

Initiatives that minimize downtime

Our work helps to create better outcomes for large fleets and small fleets alike. 

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