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drive leads to your business

Search ads

Search ads are a type of advertising that results in the display of your business ad at the top of a search result. These ads are very popular because they are generally "high intent" ads. They are triggered and big on by the search query, where the search engine's ad network will host a bidding that results in between 2-4 paid listings above the top of an organic search results page.

social ads

Social ads are a great and often low cost way to advertise to prospective audiences. Using social network's niche targeting parameters, advertisers are now able to reach users in a highly relevant and contextual way. Social ads are great for generating leads, now thanks to the popular lead generation ad format.

retargeting ads

Retargeting ads use previously cookied user information to 'retarget' ads to them across different networks. Most notably, Google's Display Network (GDN) and Facebook's Ad Platform (including Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram) are some of the most popular ways to retarget ads to users.

scope of work

test the following factors against each other

  • value propositions
  • audience parameters
  • ad copy
  • ad mediums
  • ad networks

For search, social, and retargeting ads

  • create ad copy
  • create ad creative (images, animations, video)
  • Submit campaigns via AdEspresso for approval from client
  • upload approved campaigns via AdEspresso¬†
  • upload approved campaigns via Ad network dashboard
  • optimize keyword targeting (exact, phrase match, broad match)
  • optimize ad spend across campaign iterations

a/b test campaigns

  • ad creative
  • ad copy
  • ad medium
  • ad network
  • audience
  • ad type
  • captures leads in form
  • send leads via zapier automation to CRM
  • send leads via text or email via zapier automation

report monthly

  • includes campaign metrics from AdEspresso
  • Metrics included:
    • Spend
    • Campaigns
    • Impressions
    • Reach
    • Conversions
    • CPC
    • CPM

how we track results

also known as attribution, it’s important to collect information on each step of your customer’s journey

call tracking

our technology allows us to track and trace the source your website visitor originated before initiating a call. The phone number on your site (your real number) is swapped with a tracing number (that routes to your phone number) on webpage load.

we create tracking numbers for

  • campaign categories
  • individual campaigns
  • landing pages
  • other marketing channels

learn more about callrail

webform tracking

webforms are tracked through 2 methods:

  • Google Analytics
  • Form > Marketing Automation

Depending on the technology your site is made with, we can employ a few strategies of marketing attribution using zapier. 

In Google Analytics, we setup tracking goals that are initiated and counting upon confirmation page load. This would look like this:

  1. User loads page
  2. User fills out form
  3. Form submits and redirects to confirmation
  4. Confirmation Page Loads – Goal is Tracked

about reports

monthly reports are sent out on the 4th or 5th business day of the month

reports from advertising services utilize data from the follow sources

google analytics

google ads

google tag manager