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An seo lead-gen focused marketing service for business

How we help you

Rank for keywords on Google + Bing

Search & Website Audit

We scan your website, it's structure, content, keywords, user experience, internal links, external links, domain metrics and competitors to get a clear picture of where you are on the map.

Fix the Technicals

In our Audit, we look at technical details on your site. Do you have an SSL certificate? How is your page speed? What about your keywords strategy? Meta tags? Images web optimized? HTML title tags in place? Whats your navigation structure? We come in like a cleanup crew and make sure that your site is as it should be, so that google or bing have no trouble finding your web page and serving it's content in search.

Improve User Experience

Google and Bing consistently promote the idea that user experience trumps all other aspects of SEO, and it makes sense. If a user on your site is getting what they want and it's really good, Google & Bing will serve that page in it's search under those keywords and queries.
So how do we improve user experience? We tweak design. Improve layout. Compress content and make the page quickly digestible. Your website should be easy and good, keeping in mind that the average user in 2018 has an attention span of 8 seconds.

scope of work

Manage google my business through the following methods:

  • Respond to reviews
  • Create posts (1 – 2 per month)
  • Upload images & brand assets
  • Fill out profile
  • Create profile handle
  • ensure NAP consistency
  • build citations in local directories
  • build citations in business directories
  • link submissions
  • link & promotional purchases (requires additional budget)
  • 1 Qty, 500 word article per month
  • article is keyword optimized for target SERPs
  • article has 2-3 H2 tags
  • article has minimum 1 meta-optimized image
  • site content will be keyword optimized for target keywords
  • target keyword density of 2-8% in site content
  • added semantic and geographic keywords in title and meta tags
  • track SERP rankings for top 30+ search queries

** requires wordpress

  • image optimization
  • cache optimization¬†
  • gzip compression
  • SEO report sent monthly
  • reports on calls, webforms, traffic, and rankings

how we track results

also known as attribution, it’s important to collect information on each step of your customer’s journey

call tracking

our technology allows us to track and tracethe source your website visitor originated before initiating a call. The phone number on your site (your real number) is swapped with a tracing number (that routes to your phone number) on webpage load.

we create tracking numbers for

  • google my business
  • your website
  • landing pages¬†

learn more about callrail

webform tracking

webforms are tracked through 2 methods:

  • Google Analytics
  • Form > Marketing Automation

Depending on the technology your site is made with, we can employ a few strategies of marketing attribution using zapier. 

In Google Analytics, we setup tracking goals that are initiated and counting upon confirmation page load. This would look like this:

  1. User loads page
  2. User fills out form
  3. Form submits and redirects to confirmation
  4. Confirmation Page Loads – Goal is Tracked

about reports

monthly reports are sent out on the 4th or 5th business day of the month

reports from SEO services utilize data from the follow sources

google analytics

google my business

google search console




see a sample SEO report