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What you should know when shopping for a new business website

web technology is always changing, be sure to make an informed purchase decision

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Websites need to look good, be technically sound (for SEO), and provide a valuable user experience. Menus should be easy to navigate, content should be easy to read, the page should load in under 2 seconds, and the site should look clean. When websites meet these criteria, they generally see better results from their marketing efforts.

A list of technical items to look for include:

  • SSL installed (no mixed content requests)
  • < 2s page load
  • Tracking Codes installed (Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel)
  • Mobile Responsive

Many design agencies in the digital marketing industry are good at 2 out of the 3, 

Common Website Solutions


Powers ~ 40% of the internet. A great content management system that is cost effective, customize able, and relatively modern. Great for SEO, wordpress websites are one of the most accessible, and best CMS’s to use at an affordable rate.


A powerful new website builder. Plenty of features, customizeable, affordable but not cheap. 

Wix or SquareSpace

A great choice for the DIY business owner, these solutions are affordable, easy to design via themes and templates, and are good-enough out of the box for SEO.

Our recommendation

Choose WordPress

Budget between $1600 – $12,000

WordPress websites can be relatively inexpensive, up to quite expensive. This will largely depend on the size of the website (in pages) and the amount of customization work that requires being done. Lower cost options will generally use pre-coded themes and or page builders. Higher cost options will often include custom code, more customization, more features, or greater emphasis on design.

Many agencies or website design firms will be good at 2 out of 3 of

  • 1 – design,
  • 2 – SEO, 
  • 3 – user experience

Try to find an agency and verify that they are proficient at all 3 so that you can maximize the value and business you generate from your website.

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We provide a quality product on a fast timeline at an affordable rate. Catered to small business, we wanted to provide value up front so that you can get the most bang for your buck when investing in a new business website.

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marketing your website

How You'll want to use your site

The purpose of any modern business website is to provide a way to generate more business. This can include capturing web leads, providing educational seminars or blog content, tracking and retargeting traffic, selling items, services, or courses, and providing a rewarding user experience. 

But how do you get traffic? Let’s look at two modern methods of marketing:

Search Engine Optimization

The process of growing your website’s search rankings, SEO takes time and effort but can be very fruitful when properly executed.

  • Get Free Traffic & Leads
  • Can significantly contribute to your business
  • Can be hard to see success
  • Not actually free, need to buy links and pay for SEO
  • Takes months and years, not days and weeks

Pay Per Click Advertising

Paying for ads in Google or on Social Media is an easy way to test your offerings, acquire traffic and generate leads. 

  • Fast to see results
  • Flexible Budgeting
  • Easy to Track
  • Not always profitable
  • Continues to get more expensive