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Websites are the foundation of any company’s digital marketing. They offer a company the ability to market their product or service 24/7, capture leads and support current customers.

Concinnity Digital offers custom websites using the latest technology and the best design. Hosted on LEMP-stacked high performance SSD servers in the US, our websites are built in WordPress. All websites come Search Engine Optimized and integrated with Google’s & Facebook’s latest analytics tracking.


What makes a website good?

  • Stable & Secure Site Structure
  • Responsive Screen Sizes & Mobile Friendly
  • Site Provides Good User Experience
  • Search Engine Optimized

About Concinnity Digital Websites

Website Structure

Website’s need to be consistently dependable, fast, and use technology that is widely adopted.

We use a website framework called WordPress, a content management system that powers close to 40% of all websites. Our wordpress websites are hosted on a NGINX Virtual Private Server that allows for fast webpage load, easy scaling and dependability in cases of a sudden influx of traffic or a hack attempt.

Responsive webDesign for Mobile, Tablet & Desktop

A modern website is designed for smart phones, tablets and desktop screen sizes, which is known as being “Mobile Responsive”. 

Our sites are mobile responsive. We take careful consideration for each element to be aesthetically and functionally pleasing on screens of all sizes. This allows us to format your site’s content into a positive user experience, whether someone is on their cell phone in a meeting or browsing your website at their desk. 

Search Engine Optimized

SEO friendly websites that are easily rank in google & bing

Each website is specifically built from an SEO foundation. Our websites are sitespeed optimized, keyword optimized, SSL enabled and meta optimized. Each site is readily indexed by Google’s bot and rankings increase an average of 3 positions higher for target keywords.

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