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Scaling your business with the help of virtual assistants

September 9th @ 6:30 pm CST

Webinar Overview

The application of an online workforce has been a growing trend in recent years, largely due to the internet. From being featured in books like "The 4 hour work week" to the

If you're looking to employ a remote workforce, outsource low level tasks, and free up your own bandwidth, you're going to want to get some guidance on how to properly do so.

Questions We'll Cover


Where do I find foreign remote virtual assistants?

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What are some red flags I need to look out for during the interview process?

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How much should I be paying them? And how do I pay them?

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Do I need to be tech savvy to do this?

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Understanding where (and where not) to apply virtual assistants in your business
Finding, Interviewing, Qualifying and Hiring Virtual Assistants
Teaching & Upskilling
Managing Remotely: Check-ins, Rewards, Discipline
Managing Your Own Expectations
Open Forum: Questions & Answers


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