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Should your business be on social media?

Social media has taken the world by storm and now plays a significant role in the daily lives of your average consumer. Many large organizations actively engage online to manage their brand, reputation, and create a loyal customer. But at what point is it not worth the budget?

Social media can be used to generate leads, or to generate awareness. It entirely depends on your content, the audience your target (and interact with), and what media platforms you choose. For many small businesses, it will be difficult to use social media in a way that is profitable for them under normal last-touch attribution models.

That being said, it can be a fantastic way to grow local brand awareness and generate leads using social PPC ads.

ROI Social Marketing

A great way to get started and scale a profitable social media initiative is to start with social ads. Facebook (which owns Instagram and WhatsApp) has one of the world’s most powerful ad networks. Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, Quora, Snapchat, and LinkedIn also offer social advertising solutions to savvy business professionals. We recommend a $500 minimum monthly spend to acquire data to find your “unicorn” campaign (your profitable campaign). Once you find your unicorn, you can scale the budget to scale your business.

Once generating significant return, invest in a content strategy. Use social media channels to engage with your audience in a funny, emotive, or relatable way. This can further increase the effectiveness of your other marketing efforts via increased brand awareness.

Bespoke Marketing Plans

About our social media service

Our social media service is comprehensive. We engage a full time social media specialist to implement your social strategy. Strategy is created at the onset of service, including post categories, quotas, target audiences, goals and attribution. 

We use an integrated marketing approach to create goals for monthly impressions in your target audiences, growing your brand awareness. We then usually combine with PPC ads to generate leads through lead ads or retargeting. 

Dedicated Full Time Social Media Specialist

Unlimited Social Media Channels

Includes PPC on any social network

Organic & Automated Engagement

Mimic Brand Voice

Text, Image, Animated & Video Content

Biweekly Post Cycle

Target Audiences & Custom Audiences

See some example posts


A great channel for reaching younger consumers, between 14 and 35.


Great for targeting middle aged consumers in a wide variety of demographics

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Using the business model explained here, we hire and train professionals from the Philippines who meet our English standard. They go through rigorous training to test and certify in social media specialism. 

We provide those services as well. We have US-based content writing professionals who work in the editorial and online news industry who can research and write short form or long form content for your website.

A rising tide lifts all boats. We have found that, in general, organizations benefit from using a multi-channel integrated marketing strategy. When a business uses more channels, they reach more consumers and have a great chance at growing their business.

Yes! Reports go out monthly around the 4th business day of the month. You’ll get an email with a detailed summary of the month, with more sophisticated reports attached for each channel. The data included in the reports is also available for viewing anytime in your client portal, which updates daily.

We can coordinate, find, and hire a photographer or videographer for your needs using our network. We frequently work with owners to take some of their own content, (even selfies), that we then cycle into a variety of post formats.